Future Inclusion is an open platform allowing everyone from around the world to document their experiences, intimate personal histories, and memories to evision futures of inclusion. Everyone is invited to record their own voice to add to the project, creating a living document of futures based on past and present. The map creates a sonic representation of memories, visions and desires, co-creating collective social memories of our futures.

Listen to Others

Hear voices and sounds of past, present and future. This crowd-sourced audio map creates a sonic representation of your visions and desires, co-creating a collective social memory of our futures.

Contribute Your Voice

Add your voice to this collective speculative storytelling project: record and share your memories, personal reflections on current social climate and your visions and desires for future of inclusion.

Initiated by American Arts Incubator-Austria lead artist, Rashin Fahandej, Future Inclusion, is a collaboration with Future of Inclusion Lab participants, and Halsey Burgund, creator of the Roundware contributory audio AR platform with which this site is built.

Future of Inclusion Lab is produced in partnership with Ars Electronica, American Arts Incubator, ZERO1, U.S. Embassy Vienna, and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

American Arts Incubator (AAI) is an international creative exchange program created to support the collaboration of American artists and creative communities abroad to create impactful, community-driven public art projects that address local social and environmental challenges.


How do I leave a recording?

Go to the SPEAK page. This will work on your phone or desktop.

How long does a recording need to be?

It’s up to you, but it will stop at 2 minutes.

What happens if I want to take the recording down.

Please email us at info@...

How do I download the recordings to use?

You can right click on a recording and press "Save as...". Or you can email us for specific requests.

Is the site going to develop?

Yes! We are hoping to add keyword tags, sharing buttons, etc. In fact please tell us what you want added. This is just our beta site.

How can we contact you?

Email us at hello@..... - we'd love to hear from you!

My recording sounds weird!

We're sorry to hear that. All the recordings are made on your device. Try closing other apps and tabs. That will free up memory. And try again. If the problem persists let us know. If your recording is silent, try disconnecting any bluetooth headset that might be connected as those sometimes cause issues.

The site's not working!

Sorry! We’re doing everything we can to get the site working as smoothly as possible. Please email us with the browser you are using, what phone/laptop/desktop and tell us what happened. It will help us to make the site better.

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